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I S I S   S P U I J B R O E K  –   C R E A T I V E   &   S T R A T E G I S T  –   E M A I L 



Together we are not only in the position of creating a symbiosis between the environment, the outside, the inside and effect of a solution, but also in creating identity, a strategy, a story, program, navigation and an experience to solve problems and accomplish growth.

Revealing the true identity –the DNA– of people, companies, cities and other entities is finding strength and power. Strategy comes from the heart –from the core– not from big data.

For clients I develop a Visual Essay –a portrait of the being of the organization or city, including the WHY–, from there on a strategic road map for future activities and the brand of the organization will be developed. The Visual Essay gives direction so all activities will be in the same vocabulary & visual language and vibrate the same content that fits the identity of the organization.


50 leading game changers in culture, social impact, business, science, education & sport will share their personal stories, provoke discussion around new ideas, connect with each other and you. The collective aim of the talks is to help move forward great ideas and generate a positive impact on the world.

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P A N O R A M A S   O N   T H E   C I T Y


I curated a session at The Border Sessions Festival on technology and society: Panoramas on the city. Four artists presented their vision on the future of the city: 

This sessions is part of a series I initiated for the City of The Hague to develop a future spatial strategy: http://www.ruimtevoordestad.nl

Watch a compilation of the session:


Als Creatief Strateeg onthul ik de identiteit –het DNA– van organisaties en steden. Ik help de inhoud scherp te maken en de juiste vorm te vinden die past bij de identiteit. 
Vanuit de identiteit worden strategische keuzes gemaakt en kan een onderscheidend product of strategie ontwikkeld worden wat over de gehele breedte van de uitingen dezelfde inhoudelijke en visuele taal spreekt. 
Ik maak gebruik van een Visual Essay –een portret van de organisatie waarin het 'zijn’ toegankelijk is gemaakt–. Het Visual Essay omvat de identiteit en de inhoudelijke koers en helpt scherp te blijven in keuzes die bij de identiteit van de organisatie passen.

Defining who you are and having a clear mission is the essential strategic tool to motivate & engage those around you and to find new & innovative ways to solve the world’s problems.


In samenwerking met Lust Lab een interactieve installatie ontworpen voor Ruimte voor de stad. ONTWERP: LUST LAB, DIMITRI NIEUWENHUIZEN & CREW. FOTOGRAFIE: NADINE STIJNS - DECEMBER 2015

De succesvolle werkconferentie Ruimte voor de stad vond 4 september 2015 plaats in Theater de Nieuwe Regentes in Den Haag. In opdracht van de gemeente Den Haag heb ik dit geïnitieerd en samen met Border Sessions georganiseerd. Zie meer hier


What Design Can Do


I participated the Story seminar  for businesses by Robert McKee in New York City.  As a believer in the DNA of your company as a basis of your strategy, this symposium is a must for every organization who takes itself serious.

Stroytelling for businesses

The American screenwriter Robert McKee is coming to Amsterdam for his STORY seminar. Don’t miss it: May 28th until May 31st, 2015. Directors, actors, scenarists, producers, creative directors, writers and everybody who want to be excellent in creating a good story should join: http://sanset.org/tickets/


Angelina Jolie and Louis Zamperini talk about their movie Unbroken
See also:http://www.isisspuijbroek.com/index.php/blog/


My dear friend, Jan Bor, the only Dutch philosopher who connects Eastern philosophy with Western philosophy, presented his latest book: Mondriaan filosoof http://www.janbor.nl/  Watch the TV interview with Jan Bor from Saturday December 27, 2014 (in Dutch): http://m.ikonrtv.nl/programmas/hetvermoeden



Het nieuwe elan van Den Haag

Saying yes brings opportunity.
But the power of no brings focus and engagement. What you are doing, you should be passionate about it. If not, say no.





CEO for one day is a research- and leadership program founded by Isis Spuijbroek

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On October 13, 2011, 20 Master students swop seat with 20 CEOs. The Netherlands Inc. was controlled for one day by excellent students. http://youtu.be/UvDU0H8Y584
The following companies participated: Shell, Eneco, Deloitte, ABNAMRO, Rabobank, Bilderberg, Erasmus University, Erasmus Medical Center, national newspaper NRC NEXT, Humanitas, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Alliander, RET, Vodafone, Zadkine College, Comedy Central, Technical University Delft, City of Rotterdam, Aliander and Feyenoord.      

TEDxRotterdam connects future leaders with current leaders. To make a change.
To work on a better world

Thirty speakers, stories and performances about science, technology, design, art and everything else life has to offer. TEDxRotterdam is a 100% non-profit event and has no political, commercial or religious connections or goals. TEDxRotterdam has inspired people to work on improving their life and the life of others. http://www.tedxrdam.nl/
Journalist and TV presentator Max Westerman (http://www.maxwesterman.nl) presented both editions with 1500 visitors. Edition 2010: ‘Somethink completely different’. Edition 2011: ‘Future Leadership’.

Design thinking as approach for the development of countries
Recently I find out that my approach for waisted and destroyed communities and areas: 'Ready for Rebuild', similarities has with the organization: 'Rebuild by Design': http://www.rebuildbydesign.org
  Rebuild by Design explores structural and social vulnerabilities exposed by Superstorm Sandy. It has connected the talent of the world with the talent of the region to propose innovative and implementable large-scale, design-driven infrastructure solutions.
Ready to Rebuild believes in a multi-disciplinary approach teaming up with locals to restore the area. It was founded in New Orleans in 2008.


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